So incredibly disappointed and frustrated with humanity :(

I am convinced that I live in quite possibly the most apathetic, detached community in existence, and this experience is also reflected in the reception to my comics/artwork. My comics were like nothing else I’d ever seen because they were a reflection of my real life experiences, my thoughts and emotions which could at times be incredibly dark and full of anguish, but at the same time I felt was crucial for everyone to read and understand. I suffered with crippling social disorders while growing up which was compounded by a complete lack of any kind of support from the surrounding community, and this continued lack of support showed through in both the times when a relative of mine posted my comics to his social media. The relative in question is extremely well-connected and has no issues getting along with people in general (so I guess he is like the opposite of me, but I also don’t think he is anything like anyone else around us either) – he normally receives tons of likes within a very short time frame any time he has posted the most mundane status about his everyday life on Facebook.

I put an extreme amount of effort into the first comic I completed which was all about my own condition which I have had to deal with with all throughout life, and I recalled that it even went semi-viral on Reddit when I promoted it there. I also received a very thoughtful personal response when I sent it to a famed neuroscientist. This was in contrast to my brother in law’s facebook post, where it received a paltry amount of attention compared to all of the other extremely vapid, superficial things he would post about which were FAR more inconsequential…

With the second comic he posted that I have now published on Amazon, the result was even worse – within an hour, I knew that more a dozen of his friends had actually followed the link to my comic (based on the referral statistics on the traffic to my website at the time), and yet there was a total of 0 likes and 0 comments on that same post (where his previous most recent status was about the fact that he had just purchased a new precision toothbrush, which had of course gotten a whole bunch of likes within just a few minutes…). I couldn’t honestly believe what I was seeing – it even surprised my brother in law because he personally found the comic to be extremely compelling, and he suggested that his friends may have been hesitant to respond due to the content being so dark and depressing. I have to question the integrity of his friends, however (he had over 1000 of them on Facebook last time I checked), since I know that over a dozen of them had clicked on the link and at least a few of them read through the whole thing – IDK if it’s just me, but it seems incredibly rude and thoughtless that not one of them would at least acknowledge that they read through the whole thing and appreciated that it was very well written/drawn. That incident was just one of several which made me feel further validated in my suspicions that my issues did not necessarily have more to do with myself than the people around me, and their complete lack of caring for anyone or anything outside of their immediate circles. /rant

(If you’re curious, the link to said comic is provided in the header above)


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