ALL of YouTube is Cancer

Although there are many individuals on YouTube who have been described as “cancer,” I have come to the conclusion after being without my primary computer for two whole weeks as of now and being tragically confined to watching YouTube on my phone as my primary distraction, that the entire website should be classified as horrendous mind-numbing drivel no more beneficial than reality television. Yes, there is the occasional “educational” content (including meditation/sleeping guides) and there are ways in which it is vastly preferable to traditional television, but overall, YouTube has turned out to be exactly on par with traditional television. It is preferable obviously because the content that individual users would prefer to watch is far more readily available and accessible, and it is also worse because that content is far more readily available and accessible.

The only way in which I feel I have truly benefited from YouTube as of recently is the fact that it was the reason I converted to veganism six months ago (something I had never even considered previously), and am now committed to it for life:


Otherwise, YouTube might as well be a black hole full of the same people who are so easily brainwashed into spending hours watching reality television. Yes, people have the choice to refrain from watching those channels or videos which are completely mindless, but do they really? Curiosity often gets the better of most people, which is why channels like HowToBasic, LeafyIsHere, DramaAlert, “let’s play” channels, reaction channels and even God forbid “competitive eating” channels can get so popular. It’s a kind of morbid fascination that most people can’t help feeling drawn towards: what is it about this content that has attracted X amount of people so far?  Why this person, and not the X amount of other people that are doing exactly the same kind of thing?

More often than not, we choose to focus on the inconsequential issues which distract us from what is truly pertinent and relevant to our own personal lives. Thanks to YouTube I have learned about some pertinent issues – but thanks to YouTube, I have also learned about deranged lunatics such as Steven Crowder, Evalion and the frightening number of individuals who support the utter tripe that they put out. Thanks to YouTube I became aware of the existence of “Instagram models,” and thanks to YouTube, I also became aware of the existence of “competitive eating.” I used to be blissfully ignorant towards these things last year when I spent all my time reading instead, and now I long to return to that state of mind more than anything.


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