Unpopular Opinions: Are Human Lives Intrinsically More Valuable Than Animal Lives?

Ever since I got my first unusually affectionate pet cat two years ago, I began to think that I cared more about cats than people in general and valued his life more than that of most other humans. Many suggest that pets are often vastly superior to human companions since they will never judge you, talk back at you or ask anything of you beyond a regular supply of food and water, and they will love you as long as those basic necessities are provided to them. Early this year, I also learned the importance of empathizing with all species of animals when I began to educate myself on the harsh reality of the meat & dairy industry, and gradually ceased consuming all animal products as a result. Because we have been conditioned in most parts of the world to value certain species of animals above others and to view only a handful as “edible” while the rest are deemed “inedible” or “disgusting,” it got me thinking: Who is to say that the lives of many humans have any more intrinsic value than those of our fellow Earthlings?

Humans share a common ancestor with chimpanzees which are known for ganging up on fellow primates and inflicting extreme acts of violence towards one another. This is a consequence of evolution – the more intelligent a species becomes, the more likely they are to commit grave mistakes. Of course this isn’t to suggest that more intelligent humans are more likely to possess sociopathic or antisocial traits, but there is nothing more dangerous than a person with such traits who also happens to be highly intelligent – think along the lines of nuclear weapons manufacturers and the Nazi scientists at Dachau, for example. However, for every “genius sociopath” out there, there are arguably more humans who mimic chimpanzees in terms of both behavior and intellect:

(He’s supposed to be around 24 in this picture, I think…literally. That’s not a typo.)

Pictured above is what I would consider a prime example of a “useless human” who caters to the lowest common denominator of people. Steven Crowder, a former Faux News contributor and “comedian” who has clearly led an incredibly sheltered/coddled existence all throughout life, has gone out of his way to demonize every remotely “liberal” concept across multiple platforms from marijuana to veganism. I had the misfortune of coming across his channel recently while I was languishing in a very dark place, and watching him drove all of my own beliefs about reality further home. I can’t imagine being in the same room with this type of person for a prolonged period – I think it would literally make me want to kill them because there simply isn’t any other way to silence someone who is THIS level of delusional. He represents all the worst aspects of America to me, so I have to admit that his Canadian origins are not the slightest bit surprising – why would such a simpleton value his country of residence for the quality of its people rather than the fact that certain video games are $20 cheaper than north of the border, after all? /eyeroll

It was obvious to me while watching “Vegan Myths Debunked with Lierre Keith” that Crowder is among the millions of speciesist sheep in denial, attempting to make light and “jokes” out of veganism as a means of sparing himself from stepping outside that incredibly sheltered, plastic lifestyle of his for even a single second – because every rational meat eater knows at heart that vegans are living a morally/ethically superior lifestyle. The irrational/uneducated meat eaters like Crowder are known to use a slew of strawman arguments and “justifications” which brings them a false sense of comfort in their choice to continue contributing to the most destructive industry on the planet. The fact that he claims to be capable of “loving” animals while simultaneously eating them shows the full extent of his ignorance – it’s to the point where he’s never even heard of an “oxymoron.” Let me tell you I would definitely choose the life of my cat (or any other animal, for that matter) above that of anyone like this Crowder creature.


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