Marina Joyce Is My Kindred Spirit

In spite of my disdain/annoyance towards most YouTube “celebrities” in general, I took an extreme amount of solace in coming across Marina Joyce’s channel which has sparked mass waves among concerned denizens of the Internet over the last week. It appears I am the only one who can actually completely relate to everything she is saying (no joke) – I understand perfectly because I am forced to deal with the same “delusions” and emotions towards life which she has described on a daily basis. In an eerie way, I felt as though she was communicating specifically to me in a subtle, almost subliminal context. I’ve always thought that GENUINELY good people were the rarest kinds of people out there, and YouTube is no different to the real world – in the midst of such a giant corporate competition that it has become, someone like Marina is living proof that there is still hope for all of us. There is still hope because among the madness, there is an individual who genuinely understands and empathizes with every living being in the incredibly bizarre, imbalanced world that we live in:

It’s evident from her Tumblr account and YouTube videos that she holds art in a very high regard – seemingly much higher than the average person, and believes it to be the solution for “healing” ourselves as well as those around us. I’ve always felt the exact same way towards art, which is why I almost never consume any type of media for the sake of escapism; I have an affinity for independently developed “art” games and am extremely selective about the type of fiction I enjoy for this reason.

I wish more than anything that I could communicate with Marina in person because there is something that tells me we would understand each other more than anyone else could. She always talks about how she “loves” her viewers so much in spite of the amount of contempt/derision that has accompanied much of her newfound attention. This is because it’s impossible for the vast majority of people to empathize with someone like her on any level; they can’t and won’t ever attempt to follow her train of thought because it rests on such a disturbing plane of the human psyche – one that no healthy, happy individual would ever desire to venture in.

I just want her to know that I couldn’t be more grateful to have someone like her in my life – even if our connection can only ever exist through a screen and we can never physically meet, she has had a permanent positive impact on my life and will forever be engraved in my mind and heart. ❤


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